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“(Original” The Kissing Booth “) premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, August 11, 2021. Although announced as the completion of Elle’s story, fans of movies based on the novel do not miss the fourth installment.

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In the first part of this trilogy, Elle (Joey King)’s first kiss marks the beginning of a forbidden love affair with a handsome boy at school, but it may also be the end of her relationship with her best friend.

In the second picture “She still doesn’t know which college to go to, and Elle already weighs in on her long-distance love affair with Noah (Jacob Elordi), Lee’s other kind of friendship, and feelings for a new classmate.

In the third installment, Elle Evans has to decide whether to go to Harvard with her boyfriend Noah or fulfill the dream she had always had with her best friend Lee (Joel Courtney) who is studying in Berkeley. Is that so? “”?

Will there be “Kiss Level 4”?

At the time, Announced that the third film in Saga will be the last, however, the final scene does not close the doors for a series, so fans of romantic comedy are still waiting to see the adventures of Elle and Noah.

If the new film is a big hit, the creators and the streaming company may start work on extending the story or based on another novel by Beth Reckless.

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The first part of the Regels was published on the Watpad page when he was 15, where he had more than 19 million readers, and later he wrote the e-book “The Kiss Booth 2”, ‘The Beach House’, and later, ‘The Kiss Booth: The Road Trip’, which Takes place during the sequel. So there is enough material for more movies.

However, Saga director Vince Marcello, : “I think this is a promising decision, but it does not allow for explanation.

In addition to the story, the availability of the protagonists is essential to continue the project. “It’s very emotional to say goodbye to a character you’ve played for so many years, and I’ll be playing this character at important moments in my life,” King said. .

“I ‘m sad, but I also feel the bitter feeling that I will not pass this experience on to the world. There is, ”he added.

For his part, Elordi said That is in November 2020 Kissing booth3 “This is really the last kiss.”

Is this the end of Elle and Noah's love story?  (Photo: Netflix)
Is this the end of Elle and Noah’s love story? (Photo: Netflix)

When does “Kiss Level 4” begin?

And Netflix Confirm “Kissing booth4“, The new film will probably be released in 2022 or 2023.

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