King Carlos III received a kiss that defied royal protocol

A kiss for King Carlos III
Photo: The Nation

Thousands of people gave him a warm welcome on Friday when he arrived at Buckingham Palace in London, where the royal standard was raised for the first time in his honor and the new monarch waved to the crowd and took a long walk.

Carlos flew to London from Scotland Balmoral Castle, where his mother Elizabeth II died. When he arrived at the palace in an official car, he shouted, “God save the king!” He shook hands with many amid shouts.

But one woman went beyond the handshake and dared to kiss the king on the cheek, defying any form of etiquette.

“I can’t believe it, can I give you a kiss?” I said. And he said, ‘Okay, yes.’ So I grabbed it and I’m so glad,” Jenny Asiminios explained to the network. CNNLater during a brief interview.

“It never crossed my mind (that I would kiss a king),” he said, adding that he looked sad and “had a feeling” to comfort him as he grieved for his mother.

“It’s great, it’s perfect,” said Asiminios, who said he likes the royal family and follows their lives closely.

Kiss is more than a simple story. It shows the first son of Queen Elizabeth II the king nearby referred to by BBCCarlos III always displayed a serious nature, but as he reached old age, he became more affectionate “like a grandfather.”

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