Kimberly Loisa cheats on Juan de Dios Pandoza in the video

Last video of the year Kimberly Loisa She has unleashed strong ideas on social networks because she openly expresses an opinion of herself. Cheated With a man other than her husband Juan de Dios Pandoza.

There is Internet popularity It is called the Mayor of La Lindura Kimberly Loisa, And it’s also for her practical humor like her husband, though hers is usually a little cruel.

As part of the Meet the Kim 6 challenge, he made a practical joke to the translator of “Recurdo”, asking the young woman’s fans to do some of the challenges she had to face, one of them and Cherry. Cake.It was precisely to convince her husband He is unfaithful.

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This Video He shared it on his YouTube channel a day ago and he already has 10,062,689 views and 51,876 comments so we will share it with you immediately.

Its title: “I Mentioned Another Man” Sleeping “Meet Kim 6 35 Where It Begins.

Kimberly had to pretend to be asleep, preparing everything so that there would be good light in the room where she was with her husband and two children at dawn, so she raised the curtains and put a camera in front of the camera. Began to register.

Once she leaned back to start the joke, she started referring to him as “Fabian”, so she decided to raise her voice a little because her husband did not react.

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Shortly afterwards, he declared his love for Fabian in practice and decided to confront Juan de Dios. Kimberly Loisa, Woke her up and asked directly who Fabian was.

When the mayor of La Cintura realized that he was very upset, he decided to tell him the whole truth that it was a joke, yet he laughs a little with his humorous wife.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest jokes Kim Loisa has ever made to her husband, and with interest, we can not see the last of their interactions, but for now we can say yes because this is the last video of 2021. .

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