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LG has presented its new OLED EVO TVs in Spain, a wide range of combinations Screens with three great virtues: A commander Sparkle is a very powerful processor loaded with artificial intelligence algorithms And the combination of new functions is especially thought out for that Gamers.

MTen years have passed since the launch of the company’s first OLED television, but those models have been accused of lacking brightness compared to LCD panels.. Both of them New OLED EVO series As G3 this year Few models in the Z3 range have achieved that will increase up to 70% more Thanks to a new build Based on microlenses. According to LG, brightness “It is mapped and controlled pixel by pixel to achieve highly realistic images with a color gamut greater than 100% (DCI-P3)”.

Another great improvement of these devices is that they are fresh and brand new a9 processors. These are Apps That Connect New LG TVs allow itThey can run deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to improve image quality. For example, its technology AI Picture Pro provides better measurements when not dealing with native material of television resolution, and its technology OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro is in charge of separation 20,000 blocks and analyze the imagear Each of them detect dark areas in real time Brighter to accurately optimize the HDR displayed on the screen. from them Image noise reduction functions want Direct sound balance: The number of artificial intelligence improvements LG has made is almost overwhelming.

Finally, LG doesn’t want to forget about gamers, who are increasingly obsessed with their image and sound devices. The company’s new televisions Improvements like HDMI 2.1a ports or Compatibility with cutting-edge technologies Like Nvidia G-Sync, AMD FreeSync or HDMI-VRR. Plus, you’ve implemented something useful Dashboard From where we can conveniently access these systems and from where we can consult Information about the gaming performance of the device.

LG’s new 2023 OLED offering, this That’s it Available in Spain, it includes the Z3, G3, C3 and B3 series with a wide range of inches from 42 to 97.

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