Independiente relies on influencers to pay America

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The Argentine club launched a private collection led by an influencer to cover the debt to the United States for the transfer of Cecilio Dominguez.

Independence of AvellanedaBy the hand of its Acting President, Nestor Grindetti, Look for financial solutions to make payments America Club and settle other very important debts of the administration Hugo Moyano.

In this way, they have teamed up with a well-known influencer to collect money from the club’s fans.

Nearby sources Nestor GrindettiThey pointed out ESPN “There is a private collection, which was started by an influential person from Argentina. Santiago Maratea. He is committed to the club and wants to help; Started a collection to help the club and pay off some debts”.

“Similarly, there is a hope, yes, part of the economic-financial proposal brought by this administration and which has been finalized these days, guarantees potential investors who want to believe in the new plan. IndependentThat will settle the dues”.

Independiente are relying on an influencer to pay for the transfer of Cecilio Dominguez to the United States.Imago7

He pointed out, “It won’t just be about paying AmericaBut to settle other debts that the company has and, of course, to confirm the economic-financial situation considered with various problems”.

He elaborated around the collection: “There is something typical MarathiIt is a private initiative, and there is another one in the financial management of the club, which we are also working on”.

Asked if he had budgeted how much money could come from the collection, he said, “No, there is no plan for that.”

However, this income is expected to be able to settle the most important debts Atlético Independiente de AvellanedaAmong them, the exchange related one Cecilio Dominguez to that club by the Eagles.

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It should be remembered that Independent He is in a financial crisis which has led him to accumulate debts with clubs and players.

One of these teams America De Coba filed suit in September 2021 Independent in front FIFAFor non-payment. major irritation America Almost three years have passed cecilio dominguez And Silvio Romero For the Avellaneda group, until now the Argentines have not paid the quota they agreed upon months ago before they began to cover the cost of the Paraguayan letter, nearly 5 million dollars. Silvio Romero.

Also, the Independent athlete He is also indebted to players like Gaston Silva, Pablo Hernandez And Fernando Gibor.

Who is Shanthi Marathiya?

Santiago Maratea He is a popular influencer from Argentina who usually promotes collections for noble causes.

That’s why he offered to lead the aforementioned collection, because he believes it inspires confidence among people, and as a result, he hopes to be able to raise an amount close to 20 million dollars, as he recently announced to an Argentine journalist.

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