Kathy Griffin says she’s going to have lung cancer surgery

Los Angeles, USA

It has been revealed that Kathy Griffin will undergo surgery for lung cancer and her doctors are optimistic that she will “run as usual in a month or less”.

Used by the comedian Instagram And Twitter said on Monday that his cancer was initially caught and confined to his left lung. Surgery will remove half of your left lung.

“It’s been four years, trying to get back to work and making them laugh and cheer, but I’m going to be fine,” he wrote. “Please continue your medical examinations.”

Supporters of Jane Lynch on Twitter include: “I pass my love and vibes for good health” and Ashley Nicole Black wrote: “Pray for you! Many have your back!”

Griffin has been embroiled in controversy for years, including a setback in 2017 for taking part in a photoshoot with a bloody fake head that looked like President Donald Trump. His sister, Joyce Griffin, died of cancer in September 2017 and his mother, Maggie Griffin, died in March 2020 of battling dementia.

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