Julio Iglesias and Miranda Rijnsburger’s three children: Michael, Rodrigo and Guillermo are millionaire heirs who enjoy a comfortable and quiet life, but remain anonymous | People | Entertainment

Despite appearing on a card Magazine Hello! Unlike Victoria and Cristina, their twin sisters, Miguel Alejandro, Rodrigo and Guillermo have three children. Julio Iglesias was with Miranda Rijnsburger They still live in anonymity.

They are all born Miami And they grew up on the island Indian CreekA private island of millionaires who have settled there in recent years Ivanka Trumpdaughter Donald TrumpAs reported by the website portal Girl today.

Who are the Little Known Children of Julio Iglesias and Miranda Rijnsburger?

The children of Julio Iglesias and Miranda Rijnsburger studied here Miami Country Day SchoolOne Colleges Very elite and prestigious Florida It’s in the middle of a private golf course, the same course where Shakira’s children studied. They lead a peaceful life among the youth Music And sports.

Miranda Rijnsberger at 57: The Dutch former model who has been with Julio Iglesias for 32 years maintains the beauty and elegance that made her fall in love with the Spaniard.

William The smallest of all, and still is Adolescence Well, he is 15 years old. His older brothers are rarely present Photograph Inside instagram. They live on the edge of their father’s popularity, although they seem to have inherited his talent.

He is very good at drums and piano, although he prefers pop-rock. He loves Tennis, horse riding and walking with their dogs.

MichaelPhysically very similar to his father and his brother Enrique IglesiasAt 25, he works as a real estate consultant for a luxury housing company. He studied finance at Miami, but shared his passion for music with his father. She dated a Russian tennis player Daniel Obolevich Although the relationship broke up some time ago.

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He is fond of kitesurfing and motorcycling, fishing, diving and luxury cars (for his birthday he received a BMW M5 worth 140 thousand euros). When he is in Marbella he plays golf and tennis with his mother Miranda.

His brother Rodrigo, 23 years oldI want to be Singer, plays the guitar, likes water sports like motocross and surfing, and looks good with long hair and a melancholy air. She likes to be photographed with her sisters, twins Victoria and Christina. Rodrigo worships his father, whom he considers the greatest Artists. (and)

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