Julio Furch leaves Atlas and says goodbye to the Mexican national team

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For Huerta, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider Paunovic to lead the trio

Hector Huerta’s reasons why the Chivas strategist may or may not be one of the main candidates to take over the reins of the Mexican national team.

Julio Furch has left Atlas after eight years in Mexican football, where he was declared two-time champion in red and black.

leaving Julius Furch of Atlas became official in Jalisco Stadium After his transfer Saints of BrazilAnd it’s not just a goodbye MX LeagueBut, includes the dream of representing Mexican team Naturally.

The Argentine striker moves to South American football after a stint in Mexico, where he played for three teams: Veracruz, Saints And Atlas, he reached the championship twice. Additionally, Julius Furch He was excited to wear the colors Mexico His transfer was because his naturalization process was in the final stages Brazil The dream is over, the striker said.

“It ends because one of the procedures they ask me to do is no more than 6 months outside of Mexico. Obviously, I’ll try to come back at some point and it won’t stop. But until it’s over, I’ll try to do it. Mexico is part of my life and my family, so I Will try to finish it,” he commented. Julius Furch At his farewell press conference Atlas.

A major reason for abandoning the dream of representation Mexican team It is his signature Saints From Brazil. Then, one of the requirements is not to spend half a year outside the national territory, and their future will be in the south of the continent.

Julio Furch de Atlas’s goodbye is official at the Jalisco Stadium after his move from Brazil to Santos.ESPN

Julius Furch Leaves Atlas After eight years in Mexican football, he declared himself a two-time champion in the red and black with 22 goals during his stay at Guadalajara.

The striker will make his farewell appearance next Wednesday, July 19, in a friendly against Sporting de Gijon. Jalisco Stadium. Subsequently, Julius Furch will leave Brazil to report with Saints Immediate action at South American club.

The team you report to Julius Furch March in thirteenth place in the general table of the Brazilian league a series, This adds up to 16 units out of a possible 42 units.

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