Julian Alvarez, statue at Manchester City and spoiled by his English teacher

Julian Alvarez He has received the love of fans City of Manchester The Argentine striker wants to link up with them 100 per cent in his first season. For this, the world champion Qatar 2022 Appointed an English teacher.

Sarah Duke is a polyglot teacher who runs classes to help Spider adapt in England and the UK. Premier League Be as fast as possible.

On his social networks, the teacher, who speaks six languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French and German, was proud of Julian Alvarez’s process.

From lifting the World Cup to conquering a new language, my student’s talent knows no bounds! ️ Impressive progress in such a short period of time. So proud of my student!” Duke commented on his Twitter account. instagram With a photo next to the 23-year-old Argentine striker.

Who is Sarah Duke, Julian Alvarez’s English teacher?

Sarah Duke He was born in Portugal, but at an early age he traveled to different European countries to study law and languages, but later he changed careers, education and learning methods, as well as psychology and mental training attracted his attention.

He was able to successfully complete a master’s degree in sports psychology and mental health coaching at Duke Graduate School. Real Madrid Completed Psychiatric Sports Coach certification in Spain and USA.

He then entered the world of football, where he was a language coach Porto To help foreign players connect with team and country, in this case Portugal.

In addition to being Julian Alvarez’s teacher, he has given classes in various languages ​​to players like Sarah Duke. Arthur Mellow (Liverpool), Endric (Palmeiras -will join Real Madrid in 2024-), Danilo Santos (Nottingham Forest), Danny Namazo (port), Calvin Bassey (Ajax), Victor Hugo (Flamingo) and Axel Tuanzebe (Stoke City).

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