Journalist and relatives attacked in Higuey Basilica

About 45 minutes was enough for a family to contemplate the iconic Virgin of Altagracia together. Higue Basilica After that they had nothing but the clothes they were wearing Victims of an attack In the parking lot of the Catholic Sanctuary.

This is an episode that happened to live Liszt’s Diario is a journalist During a family trip to the eastern part of the country, Shadai Eves stopped to contemplate the iconic temple with his family. Get into two vehicles Into it the group moved, the fragments on the floor of the hinges of the doors announcing the crime.

More than four suitcases, two handbags, her personal documents, her relatives, including her sister who had recently arrived from abroad, and everything they had left inside were taken from them around three in the morning. Saturday afternoon.

“They took all our stuff, everything,” Eaves insisted, because it was such a religious place, “No one imagined this would happen”.

“It is a tourist destination and one assumes it is safe,” he added.

Feeling mixed between surprise, rage, and fear, the communicator went to the security team members of the place and, as he said, “They did nothing”.

“They (those in charge of monitoring) took it as OK, go and file a complaint individually,” he recounted.

In this sense, he said, he was overwhelmed with a sense of shame because he was too much for his elder sister Five years without seeing his land It became a tradition during his trips to the Dominican Republic not to visit the Virgin and the same period of birth.

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She (sister) said that this situation is terrible, how am I in my country after so long.Eaves said.


The journalist also noted that he could feel it in Hike’s basilica after the incident. “There is no working security, There are no cameras anywhere, no police team investigating or reporting crime, no security.

Likewise, Aves noted that when he presented himself to a nearby unit to file a complaint, he met others who had come with the same intent; Report robberies.

“We met many girls in the neighborhood who reported bags being taken from them,” she said.

Despite the situation disrupting a planned vacation, Eaves said he was relieved that “at least” the attacker was not in front of the family.

“We are very grateful to God that nothing happened to us and we are all fine, but it is something very painful,” the journalist said.

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