Josimer’s mother responds to an architect’s complaint against her son Eye-sight

Show “Architect Paul Cedino’s complaint This Saturday, May 22, the artist and his mother defended themselves during their presentation.”.

“My son cheated on him. I was heartbroken when this man came out to talk to the press that he was in debt, but it was not like that. He initially gave me 300,000 soles and the size of all the stuff he bought, it seems to me that this is what he is saying.” Josimer’s mother, Donna Isabel Forben, said.

The ‘King of Perucha Sauce’ promised that the scam would come from an architect who worked at home in Asia he bought:

View: Jossimer: Architect accuses Salzero of not paying him S / 200 thousand feet for a beach house in Asia

“The 300 thousand foot house he told me (…) When I go with the engineer he tells me, Joshimer, there are no 300 thousand soles here”, Revealed Josimer backed by Gisela Valcarz.

Recall that the architect promised Josimar He owes 200 thousand feet for the work He carried on in the building of one thousand square meters.

“Now he owes me 200 thousand feet … Please give me money”, Paul Sedeno, the architect and owner of Idearch Guns SAC, said in a statement for the Magali Medina site.

Photos and Videos: USA TV | ATV

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