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Don’t miss him. Yadira GardenasStill a wife , surprised by his arrival from Lima a few days earlier. The cameras of ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ captured the young Cuban party in Lima, but with the companion of a hero, César Palomino, who was holding her hand.

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The ‘Magpies’ also reviewed who his solicitor was and his immigration record Yadira would have arrived in Peru on the same day as CardenasWell, he also lives in America. It is not known whether they traveled together on the same flight.

Yadira Cárdenas was captured at a popular nightclub in Pueblo Libre, where she was with a friend and businessman, César. The couple walked out of the nightclub holding hands and then they hugged and left And get into a car.

TROME | Yadira Cardenas forgot Josimar

Josimar and Maria Fey are still together

And was surprised to visit a friend of the salsa singer’s childhoodBarrios Altos. Stylist Magali Medina was approached by the cameras, but she confirmed that her trip was just to see some friends.

A day after his arrival, the singer decided to fly to Iquitos with the mother of his last daughter Maria Fe Saldana. In pictures posted by Instarandula, the pair were spotted at Jorge Chavez Airport and later in a Peruvian jungle town. “Unconditionally with” is heard saying ‘Ratuja’ who recorded the video.

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