INEFI launches the “First Science and Technology Forum in Physical Education”

Inefi Executive Director Alberto Rodriguez addresses the audience at the opening of the “First Forum on Science and Technology in School Physical Education and Sport”. external source

Santo Domingo, d– At the opening of the “Forum of Science and Technology in School Physical Education and Sport” this Tuesday, Alberto Rodriguez, Executive Director of the National Institute of Physical Education (Inefi), said that he is convinced that the teachers participating in this event will create new proposals to improve the techniques of teaching and learning processes for this discipline in the Republic Dominican.

After leading the opening event at UFHEC’s facilities, Rodriguez gave an energetic speech where he reiterated his commitment to improving the quality of his physical education classes.

He emphasized that he is in the best condition to give all support to this Science and Technology Forum as well as other events that can contribute to the relaunch of Inefi, especially in research to improve searches.

Part of the teachers participating in the first forum for science and technology in physical education. external source.

“Within the framework of this forum on physical education science and technology, we will have a very valuable opportunity to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences,” he said.

Director Inefi emphasized that: “…you, the teachers, are the foundation of our institution. Know that you can count on me as an ally to improve the level of physical education teaching in the National Geographic.

In this sense, he affirmed that he would continue to support events of this kind and that he was currently seeking to strengthen Inefi with initiatives that allow and contribute to increasing the skills of teachers and, above all, the added value of its potential benefits student learning.

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Words of welcome were given by teacher Ilesia Díaz, Vice-Chancellor of the UFHEC, who considered that this institution has always believed in school physical education and its primary bearer.


Paraguayan coach Diego Jara was the first speaker at the event, which will run through December 1. Basketball specialist Jara emphasized that the characteristics of physical education and its importance in the development of children, as it is forged from an early age, it is important in their learning that they are guided and forged in entertainment, along with their studies.

Teacher Christina Rivas, Vice Dean of ISFODOSU, was also present at the ceremony. teacher Elicia Diaz, Vice Chancellor of UFHEC; Professor Franklin Duvall, Deputy Director of Inefi; Manuel Muriel, Teaching Director, Diego Jara, Speaker from Paraguay and Juan Antonio Roa, Artistic Director.

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The main premise of the event is to update educators nationwide and meet expectations regarding the demands, challenges, and trends in physical education in these times.

The first “Science and Technology Forum in School Physical Education and Sports” is Inefi Education Directorate’s new theme for teachers’ update.

One of the primary objectives of the Forum is to promote the exchange, promotion and dissemination of experiences and research results in areas that make it possible to demonstrate current physical education requirements, challenges and trends, through the organization of good educational practices.

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