Jordi sends a message to Martin Pique and Clara Xia

Barcelona, ​​Spain.-Jordi MartinThere are many clashes with the famous Spanish paparazzi Gerard PQ And his girlfriend Clara Chiasent a controversial message to the couple.

Jordi took to an Instagram story on Friday to end a restraining order sought by Pique and Clara against him, accusing them of invading their privacy.

“The restraining order ends today… See you soon,” wrote the paparazzi, who followed Shakira, the businessman’s ex-partner.

The ex-footballer has continued to accuse Jordi of invading his privacy, ending up in the Spanish courts where Clara and Pique got the answer they asked for, an injunction.

According to the data, the famous photographer should not approach the couple less than 400 months away from them for three months, Clara is suffering from emotional problems due to harassment.

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