Jonah Chance Asks Dani Alves for Divorce; He refuses to see her half the time

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Jonah Chance Not only that He deleted the photos from his social media Daniel AlvesShe also filed for divorce from the footballer, who is in custody after being accused of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old girl in Barcelona.

The model recently lost her mother, and now she has to endure the situation of her husband, although at first it was said that she supported him, the version changed.

In the Sunsols program, Sans protected him; However, after revealing some evidence, she does not want to support him and through lawyers, has demanded a divorce from Alves.

Also, ex Cougars According to ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’, he rejected a ‘vis a vis’ with her.

It must be remembered that she expresses her pain as not in support of Alves, as the message “Heart, please bear so much pain” is for her and not for her husband.

“Lie. Don’t misrepresent or misunderstand what I’m saying. ‘My heart, please bear this much pain’ is a message to me, to my state of mind,” he said.

Thus, Alves no longer has the support of his partner, with whom he started a relationship in 2015. His mother and brother continue to support him.

I had already broken the silence

A few days ago, Jonah Sanz broke the silence after the arrest of Dani Alves by publishing a message on his social networks, in which he asked the media to respect his place and show empathy to the footballer.

“My mom passed away a week ago and I’m starting to think she’s no longer around to grieve my husband’s situation. I’ve only lost two pillars of my life. Instead of looking for so many messages in other people’s pain, show some sympathy, thank you,” she posted.

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