Jomri Koizo reveals why he went to the operating room: “He removed the two tumors I had”

Spanish driver, Jomari Koizo, Last Saturday when he intimidated his followers He uploaded a photo of himself posing from the hospital gurney on his social media sites. The reason? He is going to have surgery and did not give further details about it.

“Always in the hands of God! In the hope that He will lead me on the right path! I close today a cycle that began many years ago with my ignorance and especially immature results. It is time to turn the page. Stay today! No one should worry! ”He wrote on his Instagram account, frightening his fans.

It was only this Tuesday that the ‘Nuestra Bellesa Latina’ judge was already honest about what had happened. He had made sure the surgery went well last Sunday. Thanks everyone for your messages! I feel so blessed! The doctor told me ‘everything went better than expected’, ”he said through his stories.

In an interview with Lourdes Stephen, the Spanish player promised not to say the reason for his surgical intervention, but a few minutes before the surgery, I made it clear that I was ashamed of this, because of what happened in my head. , I’m here now, but if I want people to learn, I think they will learn if I show it.

He promised to remove the “two tumors” that had grown on his body and that his medical team had told him to remove them. “I was active for almost two years because I could not go to the doctor to remove them due to infection,” he said. He described it as a “stupid decision” based on social pressure because he was on steroids and his muscles were growing.

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“I remember very well the day someone told me I was fat, I think all of my eating disorders would start, I already said a few times, I vomited for a while and I did not eat another time until I was so lean because I exercised. That’s where the problem started, when you see a lot and of course socially recognized muscles, tendon men, ”said the TV presenter.

“My own coach got it for me [los esteroides]This is an exaggeration, you will inject yourself and grow muscles, you can not imagine. That’s where it all started, and that’s where I ended up on Saturday 10 years ago, ”he said. “Tumors start to come under the nipples in my breasts, so I ask: ‘Is it normal for it to be hard?’ And they tell me: ‘It’s normal, that’s why you take pills to prevent pre-cancer cells,’ ‘he recalled.

He then stopped injecting steroids, but its effects were evident from the balls that came out. “They do a biopsy, thankfully it turns out it’s not bad, but it’s necessary to remove it, and the doctor tells me it’s good (…) gone, it’s time if I already told you. It’s been three and a half years, but it’s happened now, Now when I take it off, “he said.

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