Johnny Depp follows Jack Sparrow as he leaves the trial against Amber Heard

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While he is waging a legal battle that could destroy or resurrect his acting career, Johnny Depp He followed the famous character and surprised the fans Jack Sparrow After leaving the trial against Amber HertHe had already mentioned how special his role was in that Caribbean island pirates.

Leaving the audience, the actor made his Nostalgia For the role, he recreated what he admired Pirate Captain In front of a group of fans who showed their support outside the court Virginia.

A video is spreading on social media and you can watch it Johnny In his truck, he told his group to stop to greet his followers and he followed from the back seat. Jack Sparrow And his mythical voice.

When a young woman screamed, he said goodbye with one of the character’s gestures. Pirate CaptainWhat Dep Responded: “Is still out Somewhere. I see him from time to time. That fact must be taken into account. “

He felt betrayed by Disney

The actor pointed out at trial that he had been betrayed Disney When they decided to remove him Blockbuster HistoryAnd he promised to wish her a decent farewell Jack Sparrow.

“Captain Jack Sparrow Is a character I was tied up From the beginning. And this is something I was more introverted about, like all the characters, you got yourself involved in a lot of the characters. I rewrote the verses and scenes, the jokes, ” he said.

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