Jesus Vasquez describes the “irresponsible and wrong” words of Haitian Foreign Minister Claude Joseph

The Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesús Vásquez, described the statements of Haitian Foreign Minister Claude Joseph and his comments on the situation in the Dominican Republic as “irresponsible and wrong”.

On Monday afternoon Claude Joseph confirmed on his Twitter account that the Dominican Republic was experiencing an “increase in crime”, which has caused outrage among various leaders who do not thank the Dominicans for the help they receive.

It came in response to a tweet from the Dominican president, urging the international community to act to prevent the socio-political crisis that Haitians are going through.

Jesús Vásquez revealed on his social media that “the situation in the Dominican Republic is very different from that of the neighboring country” and that “the Dominican government was very supportive of the Haiti crisis.”

Santiago’s Mayor Abel Martinez expressed his position on the Foreign Minister’s tweet, stressing that the Dominican government has always been in solidarity with Haiti and that it is time for the neighboring country to “look for other solutions.”

As a result of recent events, President Louis Abinader has called on all Dominican citizens not to go there due to insecurity in Haiti.

The statements of Haitian Foreign Minister Claude Joseph are irresponsible and misleading because the Dominican reality is so different from the neighboring country. In addition, the Dominican government is very supportive when cooperating with the Haitian crisis.Hightinespe # Haiti

– Jesus Ant. Vasquez (@svasquez) November 2, 2021

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