Daddy buys Yankee Sanders Congregation

Daddy has brought the Yankee Recatton around the world. Now, he hopes to do the same in the Puerto Rico baseball game with Sanders as an investor and co-owner at Congrejros.

The Puerto Rican music superstar will join majority investor Thomas Axon and President Justo Moreno as co-owners of the band. He lives in San Juan and plays his games at Hiram Pithorn Stadium.

“My fans know I’m interested in baseball.” Daddy Yankee, who grew up playing baseball at Sanders, said in a statement released Tuesday. “What better way to celebrate my roots than to join the Congregations team is to continue to promote our talents outside of Puerto Rico and to inspire a new generation of local and young talent.”

Many of the players on the team have become members of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, Among them was Roberto Clemente, named after the Puerto Rico Professional Baseball League.

The Congrejeros won the winter championship in four of the six seasons before the epidemic prevented them from playing in the 2020-21 season. The 2021-22 campaign begins on November 6th.

“I hope my fans and all baseball fans, especially Puerto Rico baseball, will consider joining us at the exciting games we are hosting this season at Hiram Pithorn, and they will also be composing music through WAPA and other media. Contact ”, said Father Yankee in the letter. “It was an exciting time for me, our league and our team as we struggled to regain our crown in the face of fantastic competition.

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Daddy Yankee is the latest urban star to invest in sports rights in Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny and Anuel AA have done this in professional basketball rounds before, with the first Congreros de Saunders and the second Captains de Arecibo.

Los Congreros is a professional baseball team based in Sanders, the largest and most populous area in San Juan. This right was added in 1939 by Roberto Clemente to the Professional Baseball League., When it was the semi-professional baseball league in Puerto Rico.

They have played over 70 seasons, winning 16 national titles and five Caribbean series, and with more than 2,000 wins they have won more games in the history of Puerto Rican professional baseball.

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