Jesus shows the Anglo Fibula fracture after injury in Sivas-Puma

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In the middle of the celebration Pass for the leagueThe Sivas Got bad news about the injury Jesus angle, Had a fibula fracture in his left leg and needed emergency surgery to repair the injury. Due to this, The player was eliminated for the rest of Likuilla.

The Sivas They released the official medical report of Flock Player. The report was brief. “Canelo Angulo shows a fibula fracture. He will have surgery tomorrow.”.

That was all due Game against goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera. Canolo got the cross to Anglo, but it did not reach the ball when the Poomas goalkeeper went ahead and touched the ball. However, The two players collided and the goalkeeper fell on the player Causing spectacular injury.

Player Taken on a stretcher from Akron Stadium He was also taken to a hospital for medical studies, where he could confirm that a fracture had occurred, which would keep him out of the courts for at least a month. Therefore If the herd reaches that level it seems almost impossible for him to play in the final.

At the end of the match, Roberto Alvarado wore Canelo Anglo’s shirt to show his support Now he has to face injury Shivas defeated Poomas 4-1 Y Measured up to the atlas In the Society.

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