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Decay of Y This does not set the singer aside from his personal plans. The last photo she shared on her Instagram profile proves this, as the Latin star posed without makeup with her mother Guadeloupe Rodriguez and her daughter Emme and promoted their beauty devices.

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At 51, Jennifer Lopez is one of the Hollywood stars who cares the most about her physical appearance. His face and his figure Can be envied even by younger celebrities The artist always follows exercise and dance practices even if they are the result of effort.

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There has to be something in addition to basic care Genetics Thanks. You can check it out by looking at one of the latest postcards that Jennifer Lopez has shared on her Instagram profile, in addition, it helps her to promote her line of beauty devices.

This is a film in which the translator Let’s watch out loud, After a break with Alex Rodriguez , The father of his children, appears next Two of the most important women in her life: His mother is Guadeloupe Rodriguez, 75, and his daughter Emme, 13.

The trio dressed in gray, Guadeloupe in a long sleeved casual casual blazer, Emmy in a striped shirt and JLo with strappy top. All three are in profile, one behind the other, respecting the hierarchy in the family, in the portrait against the backdrop of a garden full of plants.

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“Mom shines brightly” The title provided by Jennifer Lopez for the Instagram photo, which serves To promote JLo Beauty, A brand of beauty devices launched last January. “JLo Beauty for Incredibly Shiny Skin for 7 to 77 Years”, Wrote.

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