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The return of ‘Pennifer’ after a gap of 17 years is the message of the moment in the world of entertainment. When everyone is talking about the emotional kiss between the singer And actor It was captured Paparazzi While enjoying a family reunion at the singer’s children’s company, a character seemed to ask ‘thank him’ for rejoining their paths. About , Reality Star ‘Southern Charm’ Jello, who was in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez, ended his relationship with the former New York Yankees baseball player with whom he is going to marry.

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In this second opportunity that the cast gives themselves, they will not miss out on enjoying a weekend stay in Montana in a rented house in Miami, going to the gym or hugging friends and going out to dinner, instead, ‘from Diva’s plans to settle permanently in Diva Los Angeles’.

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However, on Monday, June 14th, all the alerts were activated because for many people love was confirmed, not both நி They agreed to return to the relationship. During the singer’s sister Linda Lopez’s 50th anniversary celebration, they could not hide their curiosity, regardless of who they attended, filled with kisses, hugs and hugs at the famed Nobu sushi restaurant in Malibu, USA. . I saw them or took a photo.

The origin of Madison

After the shocking pictures of ‘Pennifer’, Madison Legroy (30 years old), he admitted to talking Alex Rodriguez, A fact that led to the end of the relationship due to constant rumors and JLO’s distrust, not only seemed to announce that he was in love, but also sent a strange message to the new couple.

“I tell him, you are welcome (…) I say, I am going to be honest with you. I have nothing to do with the division (of Lopez and Rodriguez) and I know everyone knows it. If you do not know, this is ridiculous, to be honest. “, Legrai a Us weekly.

The young woman added that if it was the new season of reality “Southern Charm” Your colleagues from Bravo TV ask you about this and you will have no problem answering and being honest.

In March 2021, Page six He reported Jennifer Lopez Had canceled her engagement to him Alex Rodriguez After rumors of a relationship between the former player Madison Legroy. Representatives of A-Road denied the goodwill, but later confirmed the end of the relationship in a statement issued on April 15. After this, the 51-year-old JLO became intimate with her ex-boyfriend again Ben Affleck, 48, with whom he was inseparable.

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