Cubana shows off her “adventurous breasts” at Ricardo Arzona’s concert

A Cuban woman shows off her breasts as Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona performs one of her most popular songs during a concert in Miami, Florida on Sunday.

Rocio Gallardo, who identifies himself as @Rociiig on social media, is an Antilian who is somewhat hidden in a presentation by Edgar Ricardo Arjona Morales, one of Edgar Ricardo Arjona Morales’ favorite artists, artistically known as Ricardo Arjona.

In the video released by the young woman, you can see how the woman took off her blouse, and then she shook to attract the singer-songwriter’s attention, she was completely surprised when she noticed Cuban’s breasts, and stopped. Said to have forgotten the moment of singing and the words of the song.

Rocio Gallardo spoke exclusively with Cubans around the world, and said that Ricardo Arjona was his idol, especially for his composition, the song “Naked” that “carries it in his soul.”

“What a great opportunity to show my brave breasts in front of the master. I did this because I could, because of my husband’s unconditional support, and as Arjona made clear. Life is one, put in 2 years not 2”

Gallardo mentioned.

Similarly, Cuba said it hopes its video will reach as many women as those who comment on its social networks and admit that they do not have the courage to do so. Be free. “

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Below her release, the young woman said her 2022 was the biggest adrenaline moment ever, and after the singer saw herself in the audience, she burst into tears with emotion.

“It’s not action, but the courage it takes to get out of your comfort zone. Yesterday it was in my chest, but tomorrow I know I have the courage to make a financial change, or any decision, for my family, anyway. Blessings do not matter what they say ”

Finally, Gallardo confirmed that the man who came out with her was her husband, but in addition, on the left were her mother-in-law, her brother-in-law and her husband’s cousin.

“Confused my moment, my moment and @ricardoarjona, UFFFF. Now, I’m not out of emotion. “

Came to an end.

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