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El Reality Show “Celia Lora, daughter of Celia Lora, singer of the band “El Tro”, after a revelation covering the preparation of the aforementioned project, attracted the attention of all her followers who are international entertainment personalities. Telemundo.

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Lora was very awkward and threatened to leave the show, arguing that the reality show production had come to her house without her permission and that they had received some clothes from her at the time.

It must be remembered New Reality show That Telemundo Screened on August 24, where 15 celebrities from different countries were forced to live under one roof without being able to communicate with the outside world. Each week, participants express their most intimate side as they try to escape from cohabitation in order to reach the finals.

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In the same style as “Big Brother”, contestants will be monitored at all times 7 days a week and everything that happens inside the building will be recorded on the lens of more than 50 cameras and 60 microphones.

In the program, in addition Celia Lora Gabriela Spanish, Pablo Montero, Kimberly Flores, Defy Valencula, etc. are participating.

La Casa de las Celebrity Participants, a reality show aired on Telemundo on August 24, 2021 (Photo: Telemundo / Instagram)

What happened to Celia Lora?

Rocker’s daughter spoke at the end of August 2021, where she pointed out that a product of the Telemundo project had entered her home without her permission. In addition, he hid his tattoo and asked her to change her clothes.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Clothes.

Many will ask how Celia Lora Have you ever found out about it? The answer is that she realized when they gave her what she had left at home.

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During the confession Celia wanted to talk to the product and they suggested that she get a tattoo as they read the loudest words.

They said my clothes are made mom not, what do you think too, wear long sleevesCelia revealed. “You know what? I want to go to my house“, I notice.

What does Celia say in Laura’s tattoo?

The artist, who was very embarrassed about the actions taken by the Telemundo product, would like tattoos and, therefore, keep some of them on different parts of the body.

Precisely, she mentioned a phrase in her hand: “You *** are better than me **.”

After he expressed his annoyance and explained the whole thing, he was not seen during the broadcast of the show. She was not seen during a party hosted by the TV network for home tenants.

What caught my attention was that after the celebration, Celia had her hands tattooed and covered with two stickers.

How and when to see the “famous house”?

“Famous House” It airs on Telemundo in the United States from Monday to Friday at 7:00 pm (Eastern time).

In addition, through the official Telemundo page, users can follow every detail of “The House of Famous” live and live.

Who are the participants of “LA CASA DE LOS FAMOSOS”?

“La Casa de las Formos” Participants: Celia Lora, Pablo Montero, Anaha Isali, Kimberly Flores, Kelvin Renteria, Jorge Aravena, Daniel Vargas, Gisella Abomarat, Veronica Montes, Coppa Spanique, , Christina Eustace and Alicia Machado.

Celebrities from “La Casa de las Formos” are viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, they cannot communicate with the outside world.

The Telemundo reality show premiered on Tuesday, August 24 and was hosted by Hector Chandarthy.

What Defy Valencula said after being expelled from “LA CASA DE LOS FAMOSOS”

This model used its social networks (Instagram).

Thanks millions of times for your support, we know you can not vote in a country other than the United States, but even if most of you are not in this country, everything possible was done. I’m so sorry for not being home at all because I love you all. I’m going to miss them a lot, but Duffy has a long way to go. I love you so much. Thanks. Always positive“, He revealed on Instagram.


“House of Celebrities” Telemundo is a reality show that brings together 16 TV personalities such as Alicia Machado, Gabriela Spanish and Veronica Montez, so they are isolated from the world and live together. They will not communicate with their family or friends.

They have no access to cell phones, the Internet, social networks or television, while cameras and microphones record everything that happens at home 24 hours a day. In addition, viewers can see live what is happening through the live broadcast of the show. The prize for the project is $ 200,000.

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