Jeff Bezos is experiencing a wave of resignations at Blue Origin and his dream of reaching the moon is in jeopardy


Jeff Bezos managed to fly into space last month, but his company has lost top talent since the space billionaire’s return to Earth. According to CNBC, at least they understand 17 senior leaders and engineers who left blue origin this summer. Interestingly enough, many did so in the weeks after Bezos’ spaceflight.

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And this is not the worst, but in addition to leaving the company, Ex-employees moved to competitors. Two senior engineers, Nitin Arora and Lauren Lyons, went to SpaceX (Another tycoon airline, Elon Musk) actually Firefly Aerospace (from Max Polyakov), Straight.

The crew that traveled & # xf3;  Into space with Jeff Bezos

blue origin

The crew who traveled to space with Jeff Bezos (@Blue Origin/)

Through people familiar with the situation, CNBC He learned that exits included Jeff Ashby, a former NASA astronaut who was chief of mission security for the New Shepard spacecraft — the rocket that Bezos traveled on to space —; Dave Sanderson, Senior Propulsion Design Engineer, and Bob Ess, who served as Senior Director of the New Glenn Rocket Program, are among other notable employees.

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Who left without specifying the reasons? It is estimated that the reasons are related to frustration with the executive management and the slow bureaucratic structure. However, Bezos seems unwilling to acknowledge the situation. In that sense, a company spokesperson noted Blue Origin’s growth in a statement: “Blue Origin grew by 850 people in 2020 and another 650 people so far in 2021. In fact, we’ve grown nearly four times in the past three years.”

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The moment Jeff Bezos and his crew walk towards a New Shepard rocket from his company Blue Origin

blue origin

The moment Jeff Bezos and his crew walk toward a New Shepard rocket from his company Blue Origin (Blue Origin/)

Ten days after Bezos’ spaceflight on July 20, Blue Origin gave all of its full-time employees an unconditional cash bonus of $10,000, but none of the contractors received it. The reward was intended as Thank you To achieve the milestone of sending a mission into space.

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two people said CNBC This is internal The bonus was seen as an attempt by the company to prevent talent from leaving In response to the number of employees providing post-launch leave notifications.

Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket launches with passengers Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and Blue Origin space tourism

Tony Gutierrez

Blue Origin New Shepard rocket launches with passengers Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and space tourism company Blue Origin (Tony Gutierrez/)

a look at glass doorA website where former and current employees can anonymously rank companies reveals a large disparity in employee satisfaction with Blue Origin’s leadership compared to other major aerospace companies. According to the company, Only 15% of employees approve of CEO Bob Smith, Before 91% of Elon Musk on SpaceX.

Last week, it became known that Bezos decided to sue NASA after the US space agency awarded a contract to build a moon landing system.

The project you imagine $2.9 billionAims to return astronauts to the moon in 2024On a mission that has not been carried out since then 1972.

Bezos, like Musk, made a proposal to integrate the construction of this lunar site, but it was rejected.

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