YouTube will now have 30-second ads that you can’t skip

Surely you are one of those who appear when the ad appears in Youtube You run to hit the little button that says SKIP, and you probably do it twice, because commercials are usually 15 seconds long and delivered in two batches. However, that ends now, as announced at a YouTube event Brandcast On Wednesday, it will soon add 30-second ads It cannot be deleted to the best performing content viewed on connected TVs.

YouTube says viewers will see a single 30-second ad instead of two consecutive 15-second ads, though that doesn’t mean those short ads will go away entirely. The 30-second ads will be available to advertisers via YouTube Select, a curated ad platform that targets the top five percent of content on YouTube. Youtube. YouTube claims that 70 percent of YouTube Select’s impressions come from televisions, making it an ideal platform for feature-length ads.

YouTube CEO Neil Mohan said during a Brandcast event (watched via YouTube). diverse). “Viewers, especially younger ones, no longer distinguish between the type of content they are watching.”

YouTube also announced that it will begin testing ads that appear when a viewer pauses a video on a connected TV.

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