Jaime Lozano will face the Gold Cup final in what will be his last game for the Mexican national team

Jaime Lozano He admitted he did not know if the 2023 Gold Cup final against Panama would be his last in charge. Mexican teamBut if that’s the case, he promised, “I want to come back no matter what.”

Jimmy Sophie spoke at a press conference the day before the final at the sold-out Stadium and denied he was considering directing. World Cup 2026But since 2019, Concacaf has returned the gold trophy to Mexico after the United States’ dominance.

“If it’s the last (tournament) I want to go back to yes or yes because I’m preparing for it and it’s the most beautiful thing that could happen to me as a coach,” he commented on the potential for the Gold Cup. The finale was his Farewell Del Tri.

“If I could go on, how wonderful that would be, but if I’m honest, Today I am not thinking about directing the World Cup, beyond that I want to direct more because it’s at home and it reflects that. Thinking about tomorrow’s game. My head can’t go beyond tomorrow My contract is ending because I only came for the gold cup“, he added.

Lozano highlighted the growth Panama has achieved in recent years, as well as the commitment and continuity in the training process. Thomas ChristiansonThis is an example to follow MX League And Mexican Football Federation (FMF).

“I consider Panama to be a strong contender A reward for the process they are able to maintain and choose well. For us it should be an example for MexicansFollow the processes, knowing that the results are not always immediate, if you choose well in the medium and long term and are confident in the outcome, it seems to me. This is always better than changing the technician every 3 or 4 years“, he said.

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What does Jaime Lozano need to continue at El Tri?

Jimmy has endeared himself to the players, fans and press, but he needs the hardest thing…making it with the managers. In this case, the coach was asked what it takes to remain the coach of the Mexico national team for the 2026 World Cup.

“If we all agree, sign another contract…”, Jaime Lozano responded between laughs and then added seriously: “I don’t know, I’ve seen it many times on the other side, we get excited when things are good, and then you can have a setback, even without merit, doubts. will begin. I think it’s important to respect and choose processes well”.

“I don’t know how you say it, but I’ve got that affection, nothing but gratitude, the fans are so happy, they’ve supported me on the pitch, and then I want to win the trophy. What, it would be a nice gift and they deserve it if they completely change this summer with the national team. A few weeks ago it seemed so difficult to like, win over and reconnect with fans, and usually it doesn’t happen that fast, and they’ve done it. A deal is done but I don’t know if the cycle is going to end,” he said.

Great layout on the thread! Mexico has one last session before the finals

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