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Name of Jaime Echenik Will remain in history Colombian game And NBA, The best basketball player in the world, became the first Colombian player to play in a tournament in this tournament after this Thursday.

Barranquillero was part of the Washington Quintet against which he played Cavaliers de Cleveland. He played 3 minutes 04 seconds, which he will never forget and will be marked forever.

Statistics are not important

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Echenik entered the fourth half of the game and helped his Quintet to a 110-93 victory, but the result was not a bar, the main thing was that Echenik opened the closed doors to him and the others.

He did not do much, and was marked zero on the match sheet in Colombian figures, but that did not matter either, because he played, wore a wooden shirt and stepped on a tree. NBA team.

Echenik was called urgently. Wizard leaders invited him to sign for 10 days, after which the team was reduced to a few players’ infections. Govit-19.

Bradley Peel was the mainstay of the winner, the highest scoring player of the night, scoring 29 points, followed by Kyle Kuzma with 25 on the rival edge.

Daniel Comfort contributed with 11 points Echenique was dying to enter inside.

But it was his turn and he entered the court to mark the milestone of being the first Colombian basketball player to play the NBA game.

Echenique will be another option for Washington witches against this Saturday Chicago Bulls, Or Monday, vs. Charlotte Hornets.

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