Jackie Garcia: What Happened to the Beautiful and Beloved Cuban Actress?

During the 2000s, Jackie Garcia She has emerged as one of the top celebrities on Mexican television, as she has also starred in various soap operas and has also participated in various reality shows and hosted several entertainment programs. He simply disappeared from the artistic scene when he was at the height of his careerSo this time we will give you a brief tour of his career What did he do with his life?

Jacqueline Garcia Delgado Born on February 19, 1976 in Havana, Cuba, the beautiful actress is known for her full name and little information about her childhood and adolescence, but it is known that she moved to the United States when she was 17 years old. A few years and When he was 21 years old, he moved to Mexico City to find his place within the art scene, which was not difficult for him due to his talent and natural charm.

“The Game of Life” is one of Jackie Garcia’s most remembered telenovelas. Photo: Featured

As the actress has said in different interviews, she completed her history training at Televisa’s Arts Education Center (CEA) and while she has not completed her studies yet, she has started participating in some productions at the television station. Emilio Ascarraga., which occurred in 1999 and Since then, he has not stopped working in the artistic environment.

Jackie Garcia was also involved in driving. Photo: Featured

The first major projects he participated in Jackie Garcia were “Locura de Amor” (2000) and “The Game of Life (2001) And these productions opened the door to participate in some American soap operas aimed at Latinos, for which she gained fame in both countries, in addition, as previously stated, her charisma led her to participate in different reality shows. “Dancing for the Wedding of My Dreams”, In addition, he has also seen activity as a presenter on such shows “Vita TV” and “La Hora de la Papa”.

Jackie Garcia had a very intense life. Photo: Featured

Work rate Jackie Garcia It maintained its intensity till 2013 She started a relationship and shortly after finding out she was pregnant, she decided to take a break from her career. However, the birth of her daughter triggered a series of events that prevented her from returning to acting, so she had to adapt to what life offered her.

Jackie Ramirez recorded her last telenovela in 2013. Photo: Featured

During an interview Jackie Garcia c.Once in 2020 to “People” magazine, she pointed out that after parting with her daughter’s father, she decided to start a business, which she lived for a few years, but later He decided to move to Miami, Florida to reunite with his family And once there He wanted to go back to collegeHe also hinted at that, though not exactly sure what profession it was He works as an office worker where no one knows about his past as a TV star.

Jackie Garcia is now 47 years old. Photo: Featured

It should be noted that Jackie Garcia is now 47 years old. He noted that he was not dissatisfied with the direction of his life, as he felt that his life had been very good while it lasted, and that, although he lived quietly, he would miss the exploits of his life. Artistic creativity, for that matter, At some point in his life, if he gets a chance to act again, he will do it without a second thought.

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