Jack Will Be Crucial in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Those in Charge Talk About the Character

After chatting with the creators of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, we learned that Jack is going to play a very important role in the game. We tell you what Yoshinori Kitase and Naoki Hamaguchi told us.

We were able to interview Yoshinori Kitas and Naoki Hamaguchi exclusively for Spain. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth With the aim of finding out as much as possible about the new installment, which premieres on PS5 on February 29, 2024.

During our talk, we learned whether there will be changes to the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and many more issues that we will reveal to you as the days go by. We also couldn’t resist asking about them Zach.

The character seems to have an important role in the game and after playing Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion, the producer and director of this new installment has confirmed to us that yes. Jack is going to play a big role.

Jack’s role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

  • It looks like Jack is going to play a very important role in FFVII Rebirth and it’s quite a coincidence that Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion was released last year. Would you say playing Crisis Core is necessary to understand the story of Rebirth?

Naoki Hamaguchi: If you want to empathize more with Zack’s character, feel and understand him better, it’s better to have played Crisis Core before this game; You can get a different perspective.

But the way he appears in this game and the story behind him is not directly related to what happens to him in the crisis center. So you don’t need to have played Crisis Core to understand and follow the story. But again, if people are interested in Jack, it’s better to play Crisis Center after Rebirth to learn more about the characters.

In fact, Jack plays a very important role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth by helping to tell the story in its entirety. In the FFVII remake we had these elements called “echoes” that were used to show doubts about how the story was going to proceed and play with people’s expectations: “What’s going to happen? How will it end? Will it happen? Is it different? What do I expect?”

At the end of the game, when they break the barriers of fate, suddenly anything is possible and people don’t know what’s going to happen. Echoes is very involved in all of this and Jack plays a very similar role in Rebirth.

With Jack, you’ll learn more about what happened after breaking the constraints of fate and escaping that timeline. You are about to find out what really happens and how it all ends. It plays a very important role in all of them.

So I think fans of Jack in Crisis Core and the original game will be happy to see him… I think he’ll have even more fans after this one..

Meanwhile, we remind you that we already discussed the reason why the game comes on two discs, one of the most memorable moments of the original, the reason that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have new options and save games cannot be changed.

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