J.N.E. Presidential Debate: “It’s a lie that we’re going to take your bread, your house or your property” | Keiko Fujimori Elections 2021 Peru Free Popular Force nndc | Politics

, Peru’s presidential candidate, promised Sunday during a presidential debate at the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) that it was a “lie” that a government in his charge would not respect private property.

A lie is that they are going to close your wineries, we are going to take your bread, we are going to close the door, we are going to take your house, they are going to take your property. Those of us who work with us will be protected if we know how to protect your property, my property, and our property”, He maintained during his speech.

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At another time, Castillo Terrons pointed out that he had “clean hands” while participating in a presidential debate organized by the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE).

I come with clean hands, I come to tell you that I am a working man, a loyal man, a confident man, trained by working all my life. I know what it means to scratch a pot, I know what it means to wipe a school“, He pointed out.

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I know how to be careful, we know how to take care of sweat, we are in the fields, in the Andes, we know that the best compost on earth is human sweat”, He declared.

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Make sure your hands are clean
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