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USA- Last Monday, actress Ivon Montero announced that there would be a week to test positive for Covit-19, a situation that has worried his followers.

Actress Malverde, who is part of the Telemundo series, posted on her Instagram account these days that she was feeling unwell.

Although Ivon revealed that she had some symptoms of the virus, everything got complicated in the last hour, and in one of her posts, she admitted that they were very complicated moments.

Hello family, how are you? A big kiss, with a lot of affection … I can tell you, it’s been a whole week … coughing “, was part of what the actress said. I had a fever.

You can see in the recording how Montero has a cough, which sometimes prevents him from speaking, and even with all that he has revealed that his lungs have been damaged in recent days, it was only through a tomography that they realized.

Nevertheless, the actress tried to look at herself with courage despite the difficult times, but she was honest, she was not feeling well, but hoping to improve, revealing that even a doctor would see her soon.

Ivon added that he had ailments such as body aches, persistent fever, and cough, however he had to cut the video because he was not feeling well.

It was through the Ventanando project that drivers commented that when they contacted the actress, they revealed that she was a little better.

With information from TV Notas

This afternoon, the drivers of ‘Ventanando’ commented that they had contacted him to find out more about the actress’ health and that he had told her that he woke up well.

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With information from TV Notas

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