“I’ve been talking to Xavi since the election campaign”

Barcelona – Jon La Porte transferred “all affection and recognition” to Ronald Coman, declaring that Barcelona “will always be his home” … and acknowledging that his dismissal may have been “too late”.

Barca’s president, in his introductory remarks to the media, stole almost all the prominence from Sergei Barzuan, the new coach, on a temporary basis, “as a brave coach, familiar with the club’s philosophy at home,” and tried to keep the importance of the keys as cool as possible. And more surprisingly, perhaps misguided, the al-Saad coach is still “not our only choice.”

After appearing in front of the media for more than an hour and a half, Laborda Coman’s dismissal “may have come too late … debatable but easy to say and analyzed what was seen. Maybe it should have been. We have done this before, but we thought Ronald deserved that hope,” I accept responsibility, “he said.

“The most important game right now, from the start, is Always this Saturday. Most importantly, because we’re still hooked in the league and we can not leave. We have a very important game in Kiev and we fully trust Sergei’s work in that game, “the president pointed out, adding that the interim coach will still be there,” we continued. Responsibility of the team in the Champions League match.

Laborda considered Goman’s dismissal “irreversible” because of the “dangerous slip” the team entered, which made the situation “irreversible. We have a team, we have a team, we have to be more competitive than it was. Get more out of it,” Ronald could not do. He warned, he regretted. “

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“We defeated Dynamo and Valencia … but from there we got into a very dangerous slide that could disconnect us from everything, that’s why we decided,” the president said, adding that his relationship with Coman was “good for our part”. We made the decision with full respect for him and he saw the effort we made to give him confidence and I think he understood that this is the rule of football.

“If Koman did not proceed, it was because the results were so decided. The situation was unsustainable and we thought that failure to act would reduce the intention to fight for the titles,” the Dutchman said. Will always be remembered “.

Xavier Hernandez, called up as the new coach after Sergei’s interim action, was apparently a key protagonist in the press room. From the beginning, there was a time when Laborda tried to be cool and distant in this matter, saying, “We will set aside the options at the table because we can influence what we do.” There is a lot of talk about Xavi in ​​the media, but we have other options “… In the midst of all this he was still much closer to the technical al-Sadd than he had been on previous occasions.

“I did not change the conversation with Xavier. I told him I would always end up as a Parsa coach and I told him I wanted him to be president with me. We have good reports and all the input from him. Coming to us is positive,” he said, adding that your relationship is “good”. Confirmed that.

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“As a coach I think Xavi is in the process of development. I have good references from people who know him very closely. We talk often for two months, we are friendly and I know his opinion of the team.” He agreed.

“Xavi loves football, he belongs to Barசாa and his goal is to train here. I trust those next to me who know him and the other coaches who follow him,” he assured.

“I’m been talking to Xavi since the election campaign. What I told him was that we expected Koman to fulfill his contract with confidence and respect. We talked a lot. A good relationship,” he noted, whether he was elected (mostly and almost certainly) or whoever he was. Be clear about the authenticity of Barcelona.

“Any Barசாa coach has to decide and play … or play and decide if you rush me. We haven’t lost style, but we’re a little off, we want to restore it,” the president slipped. Johann Groof “always said he wanted to win 6-5 rather than 1-0 … but in the end you want to win. We have our own philosophy, it gave us so many successes … If we do that, at that point, we’ve won it. We want to do it again. “

“Bar பார்a’s style is real. As football develops, we still need to be more versatile. We have a very significant personality,” Laborda reiterated. “Above all, Barca has not changed any year. … but all of our demands are being fought over all topics here.

There he turned his full confidence to Sergei Barjuan, saying, “He has the support and confidence of all of us. He is a brave coach who will continue until he takes over (when he will be in the air). Let’s see what happens.”

“We urge Sergi to be like him, and do not be afraid to try other solutions because what we have tried so far has not worked out properly,” he explained, warning Barcelona that “one team, one team, it must be”. It’s more competitive than it used to be and you have to get more out of it. “

“We are now focusing on Sergei, who knows the club and the organization, was part of the dream team, he understands what philosophy and culture want. We are confident and excited,” Laborda said. , You are in office without giving much time. “Sergei will be on the bench until we finish the new coaching contract.”

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