IU proposes to convert the old library into a “co-working” space


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Saturday, May 20, 2023, 01:36

Izquierda Unida continues its campaign for a “better life” and among its proposals the party does not condone with Equo job creation and economic revival. In response to these questions, the party proposes making the old Piedras Blancas Library a “co-working space,” or co-working space.

“We want to work to facilitate the creation of a new business fabric in the council, and to make enough affordable space available,” says Mayor and Mayoral candidate Yasmina Triguero.

In the same way, from IU, they do not forget the elderly who “according to the various studies conducted, express their preference to stay at home as long as possible.” As a result, they propose a food delivery service that “ensures a healthy diet for council residents who, for various reasons, have difficulties in doing so”. This service will be added to the Home Help and Telephone Services.

Likewise, in terms of tourism and heritage restoration, from IU they are not only committed to rehabilitating the Arnau mine but also to restoring the archaeological site of Gauzón, for which a master plan has already been drawn up and assets declared under drafting. culturally significant.

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