Italian police have unveiled the new face of Giovanni Motisi, the “trusted killer” and last fugitive from Cosa Nostra.

Italian police release the “new face” of Giovanni Motisi (D) with a photo of him from years ago (EFE/Italian Police)

Italian police announced this Friday that “New face“In Giovanni MotisiThe Last Great Escape”Cosa Nostra”, the Sicilian mafia, who has been wanted for life since 1998 and has been included in the “most dangerous” fugitives list of the country’s “Special Investigation Program”.

The new robot painting is the latest step in the investigation to find Motisi, 65.Trusted killer“In Toto RimaCosa Nostra was the main boss of the 80s and 90s of the last century when the mafia spread murders and attacks across the country as they tried to subdue the state.

A new robot avatar has been created'Age progression', which includes Progressive physical aging of the faceBased on the study and update of certain anthropometric profiles that describe the family of the person under investigation, the police explained in a statement.

“The New Face” by Giovanni Motisi

“Using the professionalism and advanced technologies of the Scientific Policing Service of the National Police, Some images of the fugitive have been 'revisited' and updatedIt dates back to the late 80s and 90s,” he assured.

this “This allowed us to create a prototype with some possible variations of the current meanings of the faceMotisiall, aA fresh attempt to narrow the circle of inquiry to nab a dangerous fugitive”.

Giovanni Motisi is the latest escapee from Cosa Nostra

“The new identity card will make the work of researchers easier Palermo's central operational service and mobile equipment And will also help solicit citizens' cooperation,” the note added.

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Motisi,' is called.Yu Paciuni' (fat), He is one of the most powerful mafia bosses in Palermo. This was in January 2023, after the last Cosa Nostra boss was arrested. Matteo Messina TenaroIt contains Italy's number one wanted fugitiveAccording to some researchers.

The new robot portrait is developed with an 'Age Progression' system, which consists of progressive physical aging of the face, based on the study and update of certain anthropometric profiles that characterize the family of the person under investigation.

Motisi, who was twice sentenced to life in prison for the murders of several commissioners and police officers, was removed from the leadership of the Sicilian mafia in 2002 after, according to some sources, he stopped communicating with them.

(with information from EFE)

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