It was the biggest fear I had after facing the dictatorship

Eldest daughter Alexander Delcado, Cookie, came to Miami this Saturday to meet again with his father, grandmother and his younger brother Alex Jr.

The director of Gente de Sona shared an emotional video on his social networks in which he showed Cookie’s arrival at Miami International Airport and later at home, where a surprise reception awaited him.

Alexander admitted that his greatest fear was “after the report and confrontation.” [a] My daughter living in Cuba had a face with my voice for concern and dictatorship Fear of being attacked They have continued to do so with many in my Cuba. “

Alexander did not specify whether his daughter would live with him in Miami or whether he was righteous A visit trip like you did on other occasions, But sent a special thank you to the administration of the Cuban-US senator’s office Marco Rubio, To Bernie Navarro, Ivan Herrera, Luisen and Carlucho.
“I have no words to show how grateful and happy I am! Thank you, thank you, thank God. I hope that one day in my homeland no one will have to be afraid of his family or his life to think differently, I hope one day it will be #Batrievida,” he featured.

The young woman is survived by her cousins ​​and her father’s partner, model Millie Alleman, Alexander Jr.’s mother and cookie.

The house is adorned with a grand arrangement of multi-colored balloons, such as “Welcome Home” and a rainbow reading its name.

Not only did Cookie travel to Miami to see her father, but Cookie has been part of family vacations in Europe outside the United States. In Punta Ghana.

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Alexander and Cookie, 19, have a very special, loving and intimate relationship, and not being able to see it was the singer’s biggest concern. His stance towards the Cuban government.

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