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(Video) Christian Nobova spoke about the controversial move in the 48th minute of the qualifier against Peru last Tuesday.

In a controversial move within the Peruvian territory, Uruguayan referee Esteban Ostojic signaled a fine in Ecuador’s favor in the 48th minute, but at the 53rd he reconsidered his decision after consulting with the VAR. Presented “. The Inca team won the match 1-2 in Quito last Tuesday.

“For me it was a crime, he (Judge Ostojich) told me that the hand was attached to the body and (Abramin) had no intention. There is a purpose because he takes the (ball) hand out; When I see that he was in front of me, I jump with him and see the goalkeeper coming from in front; so I say: ‘If he goes straight, he’s going to hit the goalkeeper.’ All I do is turn my body and head … the guard’s gesture is to open his hand and stop the ball with his hand, “Nobova told EL UNIVERSO last Thursday in an interview with EL UNIVERSO. Travel to Brazil to play Copa America.

After this situation, Peru was able to come out on a terrible counter-attack with Gianluca Labatula and Christian Cueva and highlight themselves. The attacker advanced close to the goal of Alexander Tomanjuus and gave a pass to Kyou, who pushed the ball only from the left side into the back of the goal, in the 61st minute.

Ecuador attacked, but without ideas, without clarity, opened their eyes wide to catch a slight error in the local defensive system, which allowed Labatula to catch the ball near the opposite end, with Luis Advancula going well, who dominated the ball and he approached the goal and a Goalkeeper beat Tomanjuves in the 87th minute with a powerful shot.

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La Tri was dismissed by Gonzalo Plato, outpacing rivals and defeating goalkeeper Puntare Kallis in extra time with a cross shot (91).

In Noboa’s opinion, referee Ostojich fined, “We scored that goal, we win easily, because Peru no longer have to wait for us (with defense for the counter-attack) but to go out, we had the ball, with places and fast players, this is another Ecuador”.

He reiterated to the Russian Sochi midfielder: “When he sees it and whistles (action) punishment, he wants to see that it is a penalty, but I do not know what might have happened in its head, cancel it (after consulting the VAR)”.

“People inside the VAR think differently. (Against Peru) Hand it to us, they don’t. (Against Brazil) They don’t get Fred out, yes to us, it’s Fred’s second yellow card. The VAR realizes it and the Brazilian coach realizes it and immediately transforms him into Fred and no longer a pocket, ”said the experienced Ecuadorian.

Description of Conmepol

“The referee fined the yellow team (Ecuador) in favor of explaining that touching the ball with the white defender’s (Peru) hand is punishable. VAR, when checking the situation, finds that touching the ball with the defender’s hand is not in violation because it is attached to the player’s body and does not occupy much space. Is natural.After the VAR recommends the field review to the referee, after reviewing and evaluating the images on the monitor, he decides to correct his decision, cancel the penalty, and restart the game with a dropped ball in favor of the defensive team., In this case the goalkeeper (Peruvian, Cole). ”, Explained in a video shared on the South American Football Federation’s YouTube channel.

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In the same sentence: “Arbitration decision: correct”, then you can listen to the audio of the review which contains the conversation of those in charge of the VAR room with the Federal Judge. (D)

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