It reveals the key to a debt free life

Consolidated Credit, a non-profit organization that has helped more than 10 million people overcome debt and financial problems in 30 years, reports that Through education and advice, people can end financial crises and solve money management problems.

“No matter how much personal debt Americans have, a nonprofit credit counseling agency can be consulted Double your chances of saving money and reducing financial stressaccording to a new survey by Consolidated Credit.

A survey of 600 enterprise customers reveals this Approximately 70% maintain the budget Compared to the average 31% of Americans who usually do so without counseling.

The financial blows of the pandemic, inflation and high interest rates They haven’t stopped most consolidated credit clients from sticking to a monthly budget,” says Gary Herman, president of Consolidation Credit.

“We provide our clients with a solid financial education. Therefore, even though many of our clients come to us with serious debt problems very often We can guide them towards financial stabilityHermann added.

Taking into account recent headlines, the survey asked customers if they generally trusted me Banks creditworthiness, what they think about cryptocurrency and whether TikTok financial influencers are trustworthy.

60% say they trust bankswhile 60% say crypto is not a safe investment and 66% strongly disagree that TikTok is the place to get financial advice.

According to the survey:

45% can cover a $500 emergency right now

40% took home ownership

41% have a retirement fundLike a 401k or Roth IRA

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