Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny present “un x100to”: watch the video

(CNN Spanish) – Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny surprised everyone this Sunday when they announced that their collaboration “un x100to” will be released the following day.

An existing theme Major streaming sites and released under the RIMAS record label, tells of a man’s longing for an old love.

An X100to, “I mean 1% is a love song about someone who is so sad about losing a loved one that they use the remaining 1% battery on their phone to apologize over and over again,” explains a press release.

The song was composed by multiple Latin Grammy Award nominee Edgar Barrera and produced between the composer and MAG.

Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny talk collaboration

“We admire Bad Bunny, especially how he changed the landscape of Latin music around the world. We certainly didn’t think we’d be lucky enough to do a song with our idol so early in our lives, but we’re so honored that he wanted to do a song with us. We look forward to collaborating and creating music that crosses genres. We love it, and we’re excited for the world to enjoy what we’ve created together,” Grupo Frontera said in a press release.

The band commented in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that they were initially unaware that Bad Bunny had joined the track. They found out during the video recording.

“We recorded the song not knowing he would be on it,” the group said.

“Edgar Barrera, the music director, told us we had a surprise. He didn’t tell us what it was,” they added.

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“We didn’t hear the Bad Bunny part until the video. I froze as soon as this part came on the video clip. “Having a song with Bad Bunny is indescribable,” the band said.

Bad Bunny, for his part, revealed to Lowe that he was a fan of Mexican music and was drawn to Grupo Frontera’s music.

“I love Grupo Frontera because I think they have a lot of feeling in their songs. I love the way they work, they do it with their heart, just like me. I’m in love with this whole movement, this new movement in Mexico. The music. I know what’s going on. “Looks pretty,” said Bad Bunny.

“I think the world needs to know more about the whole culture, the Latin culture, another point of view. It’s not just reggaeton and barrio and urban music. Latin music has very beautiful and very wild types. So, this real music made by the new generation, the youth, that’s what it is.” I like it. They have the real sound, the essence, but with a new color, with a new sound, it’s new, it’s a completely different breath,” he added. Puerto Rican

This isn’t the first time Bad Bunny has approached Mexican music. Puerto Rican has already touched the waters of a cooperative lying corridor. Nathaniel Cano “I’m the Devil” (Remix).

The production video was shot in Ghost Town, Nevada.

Her hit “Bebe Give Me” followed up with Fuerza Regita, who was heard on stage at Coachella 2023 during Becky G’s performance. The song beat Shakira and Bizzrap’s “BZRP Music Sessions, Volume 53” on the list. Billboard Latin Airplay.

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