It is dangerous to charge mobile phones in public USB ports

Washington. The FBI recommends citizens Do not use the free mobile charging stations in public places such as airports, hotels and shopping centres, a warning echoed by national media on Monday.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Denver (Colorado) warned via Twitter about the technique used by hackers to introduce malware (“malware”) and monitor electronic devices through Public USB ports.

Avoid using free charging stations at airports, hotels or malls. Cybercriminals have figured out how Using public USB ports to deliver malware and monitoring software to devices. Bring your own charger and USB cable and use a socket instead.

The FBI isn’t the only warning of this danger, the FCC does as well on its website, noting that Hackers can load “malware” into USB ports to gain “malicious” access to devicesa practice the agency calls “juicing”.

In this way, cybercriminals can obtain personal data and passwords, for personal use or to sell to third parties. The FCC recommends carrying the same USB cable, with which there is no such risk.

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