“It gives a little scary”

The next October 12 there will be an anticipated event in fiction that its protagonist could hardly have even dreamed of. And it is that, William shatner (90), famous for playing Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek, will be part of the crew of the second mission of Blue Origin, the American aerospace transportation company founded in 2000 by Jeff Bezos, thus becoming the oldest person ever launched into space.

The legendary Canadian actor, however, admits some nervousness in the days before the launch of the New Shepard capsule will take off, the same one used by Bezos himself in July. “It’s a little scary, I have to tell you“Shatner assured in a recent interview with CNN.

Just three days ago the actor himself confirmed the rumor that had been circulating since the end of September. “Yes, it’s true, I’m going to be a ‘rocket man’!”, He settled on his Twitter account, although once the news was accepted, he felt some concern. “I’m quite worried and a little nervous,” he shared moments before joking about his training.

I’m training, I’m running on my mind all the time”, He assured between laughs. “In any case,” he continues, “when he returns, imagine the optimism, tranquility and peace with which we can speak,” he added before answering the question about what he expects from the experience.

“What will I see when I’m out there? What will I see? Not only will I observe the majesty of space and the oasis of Earth … maybe there is the possibility of seeing something else”, He would settle with a certain enigmatic air. Space. The last frontier. That’s where Captain Kirk is heading.

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