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Isa Goneless One of the most recognized Latin actresses in Condition United. A singer does not waste time showing pride in being a Mexican. He declared that he was thankful for what he had learned Mexico Allowed him to stand out Unin Americana. However, in recent days he has been the target of various criticisms due to a video uploaded on the official accounts of his social networks.

You can find it in the post Goneless Perform a song from ‘s musicBeauty and the Beast‘. Everything seems to be going well until the concept plate is checked, where followers ask the singer not only to speak but also to write in Spanish, because despite the pride she Mexican It seems that he has already forgotten his mother tongue. Some users said there were followers who did not understand ingls.

Criticisms rained down on him

The Lines They were so Is severe, Because they have confused the actress’s appearance by claiming that they are starting to speak English, but since their appearance should be ‘Noble on the forehead’, some fans who are reviewing are revived. At the same time, they asked me to read their publications in Spanish, which are many Mexicans Sometimes they do not understand English. They pointed out the same thing Form of Speak.

However, he also received supportive comments and even came out to protect the beauties Actress. When sending greetings from South American countries, some questioned the hatred he receives from the Mexican people who claim to be his countrymen. Others highlighted them Ability The voice They were surprised, they asked Isa He had no idea how to do something wrong. Finally, they wished him luck in his life.

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In the face of divided opinions, Isa He is constantly communicating in both languages, but the fact that he has not stopped doing so shows the love he has for the country of his birth. In some cases, he declared that his goal was to continue to grow as an artist, thus giving him an example of production Mexicans Bring the name up this way Mexico, The land of successful people.

Successful premiere

In recent days, Isa Goneless Release the movie ‘Don’t worry, I take care of you‘, With the actress Rosamond Bike. This product is available NetflixUsing the premiere, the Mexican told some secrets of his personal life. The questions are whether she was friends with ex-partners or did she have any awkward fortune when people did not turn on the lights while driving. Published by this dynamic account Netflix.

In this regard, the actress said that she gets along well with her ex-partners because they were the ones who shared the sweetest moments of the time. At the same time, he admitted that he was not worried Pizza Take Pia. But he questioned the mix because he said he did not understand the purpose of this fruit in the pizza. But, I valued this dish with the aim of elegant individuals. He does not care if people turn on the lights while driving.

On the other hand, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you‘, Directed J. Plexon. Isa He serves as one of the protagonists of the melodrama and is an emotional partner of the main character played by the actress. Rosamond Bike. The couple has a responsibility to carry out frauds against the elderly. Although the film was released last Friday, it was one of the most watched products on stage over the weekend.

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