Is his tour money going into Arasli Arambula’s pockets?

Luis Miguel in Buenos Aires, Argentina. REUTERS/Agustin Markarian

Mexico City, August 10 (El Universal).- That fame Luis Miguel Harvested throughout his artistic career has made him one of the most noticed figures in show business, not only for his songs and his performances on stage, but also in his personal life despite his attempts to keep it private.

The 53-year-old singer married actress Aresley Arambula in 2006, and they had two children, Miguel and Daniel, but after their split in 2009, the interpreter of “La” was involved in legal proceedings for custody of their children. Unconditional”.

Now, Guillermo Boas, the lawyer who defended Mexico’s refusal to use his image in the Luis Miguel bioseries, explains why “El Sol” may face this legal issue while on tour in Mexico in November and December.

“I’m not involved in these things anymore, I don’t know at what stage it is, but there is a debtor, the debtor is going to present himself and create economic resources, this is an opportunity,” Pous said in an interview. With EL UNIVERSAL.

“Being in the country, if she or anyone else decides to intervene, they will keep it ‘a stone’s throw away,'” opined the lawyer.

Luis Miguel will return to Mexico

Last August 3, the “Luis Miguel Tour 2023” began, which includes at least 13 dates in Mexico. Pous confirmed that Aresley can legally demand to keep a portion of the profits from these presentations to cover the pension debt that ‘Mickey’ has built up over at least the last three years.

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“Any kind of income, it doesn’t matter if it comes from a concert, if they are gifts, if it is the rent of a car or a house, whatever kind of income the food creditor has, it is the same. Among those that the creditor can use to obtain resources to support the affected party,”, affirmed Guillermo Pous.

Also, the lawyer pointed to Aresli’s work as a mother during this time and what she witnessed, and hopes that she will get justice soon in this matter.

“The reality is that Arambula is an impeccable person, mother, businesswoman and professional who has achieved nothing for her children.”

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