Invite to the Student Centers Meeting, a space for discussion and advice

The Federal Council of Secondary Student Centers has opened an open invitation to young people interested in establishing a student center in their school.

Nine years have passed since the enactment of National Law 26877, which endorses democratic organizations representing students within an educational institution. Every day, more and more are deciding to get involved directly to advocate for their rights and encourage participation in their schools and at the community level.

During the pandemic, the student movement has suffered major declines and there are many high school students who do not know what a CDE is. There are others who know it exists, but don’t have the tools to shape it.

In its role as representative and reference, the Federal Board of Secondary Student Centers collaborates and accompanies the creation of each new student center. One of the main points is learning how to manage and communicate with the authorities of their schools.

This Sunday

The meeting will take place on Sunday 3 July at approximately 6:00 pm and the link must be managed by instagram @mefeces.arg.

It will be a space for training and discussion, where students from all over the country can meet to share experiences, raise facts and analyze them.

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