Interpol wants new interior minister

He was captured by Interpol in El Salvador in 2019, but the Supreme Court rejected Guatemala’s extradition request.

In the second half of 2019, the newly appointed Minister of the Interior, Juan Carlos Pidecon, was captured in Hananya El Salvador and responded to a red broadcast or international arrest warrant under a San Salvador peace judge, according to Salvador court documents, Interpol (Interpol).

On October 24, 2019, the Supreme Court noted that (after the capture of El Salvador’s Interpol) the second judge of the San Salvador Peace decided to send him to detention “on the grounds that the alleged Interpol Red was granted in Guatemala”.

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Yesterday, El Diario de Hoy tried to contact Pitecon Hanania, who answered questions about his appointment and his legal status in Guatemala; However, no response was received. At the Interior Ministry he sent us to a phone number at the Presidential Palace, where they did not respond.

As always in 2019, Guatemalan authorities began proceedings to extradite Pidecon Hanania to the El Salvador Supreme Court. This was denied by the Salvador Judiciary. “The petition (request for extradition) provides a presentation on the facts documented chronologically, the facts of which began to be implemented in this city and later in Guatemala City, along with other elements declared by the complainant. After examining the legal framework and the policy of the territory of the criminal law, it is clear that the facts are being examined in our country for this purpose. The office will be ordered to certify… ”.

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Of the 15 judges who appeared at the full court meeting, the document dated 28 May 2020 states that three judges did not vote in declaring that the extradition request could not be allowed. According to court records, Aldo Coder, Carlos Sanchez and Sandra Loos Sikas did not vote.

I could not get out of El Salvador

Although lawyers have been consulted about the international arrest warrant and asked who should not be identified, the fact that the Supreme Court of Salvador has declared that the extradition request cannot be allowed does not mean that the officer will not be caught if he leaves El Salvador.

El Diario de Hoi விசாரி inquired whether the red broadcast against Pitecon Hanania was still in effect on the Interpol website, but could not confirm it at present.

According to sources who are aware of the case and court documents, the Guatemalan authorities committed the crime while Pitajan Hanania was living in Guatemala.

Pidecon Hanania married a man from Guatemala who divorced after moving to El Salvador.

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In mid-2020, after the court rejected the extradition request, the Salvador officer went to family court to divorce his wife, who had been separated for more than a year. Pidegon Hanania’s wife was summoned by government decrees published in national newspapers. The victims told El Diario de Hoy that the incidents reported to the Interior Minister were “very serious”. The victims decided to leave Guatemala.

Son of the Minister of Education

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Bidegaín Hananía is the son of Education Minister Carla Evelyn Hanania de Varela.

Early in his term, President Naib Bukhale attacked FMLN party workers and government officials. For example, Python Hanania holds important positions. He was a consultant to the Office of the Deputy Minister of Transport with a salary of 6,621.

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