Internet Moon Gallery installs its physical space in Valencia

Valencia. Even the most voluminous ideas sometimes need a point of contact with the ground. This is the current state of Internet Moon Exhibitiona digital art gallery created by Manu Mench In 2016 who now finally arrived in Valencia. It does so through a “satellite” space located on Calle Dr. Pere Feliu 7, in moon. A place to work in parallel with the network to continue spreading technical messages: both projects are growing in parallel. In this case it appears as a need of its own, responding to my natural artistic process, which now includes both the material and the intangible.” Two ways of seeing art are not at odds between the curator and the artist, who assumes and adapts changes so that they coexist, even if they are not in the same place.

The artist’s process responds to the need to change spaces and tone, an idea that arose after the pandemic. In confinement, and in a vindictive manner, the exhibition hosted online paralyzes its production, as Minch saw the world standing still and felt strange to continue working with artists and forcing them to produce: “When the epidemic comes I want to move away from the idea of ​​demanding artists in this moment of confinement.” This suggestion, in turn, is a response to the institutions that began to take advantage of a director they had previously criticized: “They started doing it because they had no other alternative,” says Minch.

Just as galleries leap into a future that Minch has already discovered, the artist approaches a more classic type of work, though without losing the streak. To do this, call Daniel Dobarco, a Valencian artist whose vision of the world revolves around the virtual world and video games. Both find a strong bond in the virtual and the digital, according to Duparco of “The Personal and Our Surroundings,” which translates to a journey that connects with virtual reality on Earth: “The number becomes digital, the point that binds us together.” Minch, in turn, gave the artist space to create work using cardboard and other types of elements, which are arranged throughout the conversation between windows and ceilings.

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This artist’s work knowledge, Approach through everyday situations through video games. A world that Dobarco usually escapes to within the concept of the role he is moving to moon: “The character who surrounds herself in this show is Me in the Dungeon, and I translate it as a vital question. In the end you go there for personal reasons and always look for treasure.” In this research, space in turn has been plagued by tiny orcs, who have already existed before: “A lot of times we get into this kind of situation and think we’re heroes, when in fact we’re their invaders. It’s one of the challenges of life that I consider.”

Currently knowledge It can be “role” or “play” in moon Since last May 15, the moment when the full moon rises, marking the beginning of the exhibition. It’s weird timing It is the work that Mensch has been following for more than 6 years, opening a new exhibition According to Heaven: “It is a concept to relate myself to natural times, every 29 or 30 days I force myself to make some kind of visual calendar in this way. By looking at the sky, I can Anyone know how much is left for the next exposure.” To play with Dobarco anyone can approach moon Until June 6, and wait for the next full moon to see what The Minch brings us once again. But don’t worry, all people who don’t orbit Valencia will be able to continue enjoying an eternal sky on the web, ironically in an eternal cloud of all things equal, called Internet Moon Exhibition.

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