Angela Aguilar cuts her hair short and changes her look to surprise | Photos

Angela Aguilar Became one of the junior representatives of Regional Mexican Thanks for his talent on stage Glamor Shows whenever the opportunity arises.

Youngest daughter Pepe Aguilar This is also a reference FashionThen or with Mexican costumes Or with a casual dress, the young singer has attracted attention Good taste What does he have when he gets dressed?

And the translator’s unique feature “Really“This is your court HairShe has been using it since she was very young, however, she has done little recently Change.

Angela Aguilar was encouraged to change her look. | Photo: Instagram

Through their stories InstagramVery small Aguilar dynasty He shared some photos of his new look, which was in favor of the singer.

translator “Sangla“I decided to get one Margin It blinds her eyes somewhat and the shape of her hair has changed a bit and now she has chosen an asymmetrical cut to give variety to her style.

The singer has shared her new cut on Instagram. | Photo: Instagram

Although she always likes short hair, cousin Majo Aguilar She has surprised her fans with other looks like she dared to wear a year ago Extensions And was much admired by his followers.

Similarly, young people Promise The Mexican region was also encouraged Dyeing His hair with very different colors from the dark brown he had always seen Turquoise green Infectious and used in the first year Pink That fascinated his fans.

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