Intel Raptor Lake Leak for Alder Lake processors Design shows 24 Core CPU in 2022

The amazing new leak is released from Youtube Moore’s law is Dead and it lays out the intel plans till 2022. Talking about the rumor, it said that the intel plans to release the Alder Lake HX mobile processors in the earlier state like 2022. Moreover, it brings much desktop-class performance for laptops. The company also had the gear up for the coming next-gen Raptor lake for launching in the year 2022. It had the flagship chip which is present in some range and it had multiple features for the total 24 cores. 

Intel Raptor Lake (13th Gen Core) CPU Roadmap Leaked

Everyone knows that the intel plans are commonly used for the little core design for the Alder lake processors. These similarities are also presented in Apple’s M1 chip for most mobile processors and then the intel plans. The powerful cores handle the demanding workloads which require a few threads. The multithread workloads of the processor must use the high-efficiency cores for splitting the workloads. Furthermore, the Alder lake desktop chips are based upon the two designs. The first design is called the S1 design which comes from the eight big cores. It is also known as the Golden cove and it also had little cores and it is also known as the Gracemont. Let’s talk about the S2 design, it had lots of features for the six Golden cove cores without any gracemont cores.

The leak says that the intel plans are lifting the review embargo for the Alder lake processors on October 25. Moreover, the intel plans are launched by an i7, i9, and then i5 processors which come around many times. In general, i9 has more features for the eight Golden coves with the eight gracemont cores. Talking about the i7 it comes up with the eight golden coves which also had the gracemont cores. The i5 comes up with the six Golden coves with the four Gracemont cores. These three processors will come up with the 32 execution units and it is also based upon Intel’s Xe graphics. 

Based upon the desktop launch, the laker mentioned that the intel has recently announced the Alder lake mobile processors after CES 2022. The amazing thing is these processors support the PCIe and DDR5 with graphics. And the H-series chips feature six golden coves with two eight Gracemont cores. Most of the news says that the high performance is real. It claims the intel plans on launching Alder lake HX processors at the same time. It said that it delivers desktop-class performance to laptops. The chip is based upon the desktop designs with the eight golden gracemont cores. 

The Raptor lake processors will launch in 2022. And these processors or chips use the little core design which is based on the underlying architecture. Its features help to enhance the Golden cove cores and it is called the Raptor cove for using the gracemont cores. And they are planned to release in the coming holiday season. The flagship chip is said that the Raptor cove cores have 16 gracemont cores. It shows the dedication design for the Raptor lake processors when it will compete with AMD’s upcoming Zen 4 processors but it is only for the fiercest competition from Apple.  


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