Art and science, beauty and truth are displayed together in New York

A selection of CNIO Arte’s works arrives at the Instituto Cervantes in New York beginning February 2nd. In the enterprise project that directs Maria Blascoborn five years ago, the artists collaborated Eva LutzAnd Cheema MadowsCarmen Calvo Daniel Kanujar And Susanna is with her Daisy halls (died 2019), along with a quantum physicist Ignacio Sirac; human paleontologist Juan Luis UrsuagaAnd Computational biologist Sarah Tishman and epidemiologist Peter Alonso.

The role of chance

In works created for CNIO Arte, Eva Lootz reflects on the origins of molecular biology and genetic manipulation; Chema Madoz points out the role of chance in fate inspired by quantum physics; Carmen is bald Shattered memoriessuch as those still found in human skulls found in Atapuerca; Daniel Kanujar is inspired by big data. Art and science generate universal ideas and knowledge, and this principle drives CNIO Arte’s leap to New York.

Fruitful dialogue

A pioneering initiative launched with the support of the Banco Santander Foundation (a foundation also collaborating on the New York gallery), every year, since 2018, CNIO Arte brings together researchers and artists from International front row, so that creators can create work inspired by science. Artist Amparo Garrido was the CNIO Arte Curator and Executive Director Maria Blasco.

to the Director of the Cervantes Institute, Luis Garcia MonteroWhen the arts and sciences meet, they come ever closer to the truth: “This trembling that enlightens us and restores us to the path of being.” better humans, The combination is always as the poet wants beauty and truth.

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twenty-first century issues

According to Blasco, “Scientists and artists have always faced the unknown, the darkness, and we have not been afraid to enter it with an open mind, to see what is beyond it. Both art and science need Creativity, freedom, thinking and curiosity. These components are combined in CNIO to produce the best science, and we wanted to create conditions so that art can also be created. The great themes of the 21st century include science in one way or another, and can be an inspiration for great art. as he wrote Susan Sontag In their newspapers, there can be a new art movement every month with a read Scientific American. Also for the scholar, “It’s this kind of creative, innovative and challenging thinking that also fuels art. Because of this, scientists and artists can and should interact.”

[Carmen Calvo: “Para dedicarte de pleno al arte tienes que estar sola”]

interpretation of the world

For Rodrigo Echenique Gordillo, President of Fundación Banco Santander, the exhibition “allows you to enjoy a selection of works created for CNIO Arte, an initiative that seeks to establish links between famous scholars and artists, born of a fundamental principle: both science and art Essential to understanding and interpreting the worldand both can inspire each other and have a dialogue.”

exclusive to our species

To Juan Luis Arsuaga, Co-Director of Deposits Atapuercatakes pleasure in surrounding himself with natural or created beauty: “I am referring to the plastic arts, of course, and to a certain extent to music. Dance and sculpture would be close to my biological conception of art, because they refer to above all to the human body. Performing arts and cinema will incorporate sound and thought into bodily expression, and literature is believed to be disembodied. Art, he adds, appears with our species and belongs exclusively to our species: “It is about our ability to create imaginary, but shared, worlds and live in them in community. They are consensual fantasies, immaterial realities, but without them human life is inconceivable. Humanity does not exist and cannot exist.” Without art.

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