‘Injustice’ of arbitration verdicts against Emelec so far in the second phase of LigaPro Serie A: Seven points | National Championship | Sports

The millionaire group could not be rounded up by nine units, most of them with the events of the referees to the least debatable results.

Overall, in the second round of the Licapro Serie A 2021, Emelac failed to score nine points after eight rounds. This was caused by the only defeat it recorded against Tracks – three – or Liga de Quito. Despite those shortcomings, and even when Power defeated McCarthy (3-0), billionaire technical director Ismail Rescalvo first pointed to the damage of refereeing decisions against actors in Guayaquil.An undeniable common fact this season at the Ecuador Championship.

So far at this point, Emelek – the winner of the preliminary round and finally with a ticket to the national final – has registered 15 units, Five less than the leader Independent del Valle, And ranks second in the classification. He won twice in Quenca (first day), Monta Delphine (third) and George Capell Stadium, Space Ambatenos (fourth) and Olmedo (sixth). He joined Agas (second) and Universidad Catalica (eighth) and Alberto Spencer at home on October 9 (fifth). And it fell in the capital Albos (seventh) field.

Four of the eight presentations There were controversial arbitration decisions and above all marked by the “injustice” they committed for electrical equipment, Based on Rescalvo; Of these, the arbiter errors in the view of any viewer: seven units that cannot be added to the blues.

Against McCarray, red for Rodriguez

“The referee’s results seem to be tampering with the matches. Clearly it is played with the work and professionalism of these players and I am not prepared to allow these situations”. This is what the millionaire coach said after the match against McCarthy (3-0) on August 14. He mentions the red card shown by referee Jefferson McCas to blue captain Sebastian Rodriguez.

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In front of Ambadenos, Uruguay Rodriguez was sent off when the referee considered that he had hit midfielder Aaron Rodriguez with one foot. Shortly afterwards, on Emelek’s side, Dixon complained that Arroyo had not noticed a mistake and that Argentina’s Anapal Leguizaman was not allowed a goal move.

Emelek players and coaching staff speak to the assistant referee in the match against McCarthy. Photo: API

Zaria argued: “I have to put my foot down after touching the ball, except for the player. I can’t run in the air. When I supported him, the McCarthy player went down.

Rodriguez missed the next two games by suspending.

Painful tie against octoprinos

The next day, Rescalvo reiterated his disagreement with the referee’s decision. At that time, October 9 was a painful tie with 2 blues in the field.

“The only penalty against us was the lack of consecutive warnings. A team with a low player (Anabal Leguizaman was sent off in the first half) was needed and another team was waiting. I hope they will at least analyze the suspicious results and the continuous bugs that plague Emelek game after the game”.

Controversial action allowed by referee Rene Maran immediately. The judge ruled that it was the hand of defender Luca Sosa (on the ground). Photo: API

On the night of August 21, at the Alberto Spencer Stadium, the Millionaire Club recovered from a point by Joao Rojas’ double from the 81st minute.

Controversy against alloy (Q)

At the end of the meeting between Albos and Electricos on September 19 at the Rodrigo Boss Delcado Stadium, the only defeat (3-2) of the team’s visit to Guayaquil this season, a fight took place on the field. Balance: Strict restrictions on each side ordered by the disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League.

With this in mind, Spanish Rescalvo’s reaction during the week was: “The sanctions we receive must be considered. We hope the club’s legal department (blue) can take action to reduce them. In some cases, we consider them to be completely proportional.

There were beatings, kicks and insults at the end of the match between Liga (Q) and Emelec at the Rodrigo Pass Stadium. Photo: API

The verdict could mean the loss of Emelec defender Luca Soka (one month), midfielders Dixon Arroyo (two months) and forward Fagundo Parcel (two games) in the future.

The ‘damage’ of the refereeing verdicts against Barcelona in the second round: six points

However, the names of all those involved were not explicitly included in center-back Rodie Zambrano’s arbitration report.

‘Referees need more training’

Against the Catholics, last Sunday, according to the referees, a goal action for Rojas was canceled for an offside. The clash ended in a draw at 2pm and Rescalvo’s reaction at the respective press conference was immediate: “We had three legal goals, but one goal was stolen. If we can’t win by three goals, we have to win by five goals.

The position of the Spanish coach is clear because he was honest last month that he considered it “strange” what was happening in Emelek, “he told the Guayaquil press:”We have, for months, been experiencing frequent mistakes, and sometimes you may wonder if there is a bad intention. This seems strange to me. For a long time we have been experiencing injustice again and again. Sometimes it is natural for them to make a mistake once or twice in the game. But since 2019 (the introduction of Rescalvo on the Emelek Bench in May of that year) we have faced a series of mistakes and we are suffering. I did not say, there are pictures ”. (D)

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